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Pearl Solar


Our solar group provides a skilled team with solar expertise combined with water pump specialists, logistics and knowledgeable sales support personnel to assists you in specifying the best system that is suitable for your project.

PD Solar’s ultimate goal is to provide various Plug-&-Play Systems that can be easily installed and commissioned. But we also can provide many customization options to meet your specific application requirements.

PD Solar provides full design and engineering support to offer the best and optimal solution that meets your needs.

The complete system solutions includes float switch input with 25 ft cable, terminals and contacts.


 PD Solar designs your system based on the most cost effective turnkey solar array to power the water pump stations. Depending on the pump size, our design team specifies the optimal solar module with power output to match the pumping and geographical location requirements.

Our solar modules deliver superior power output in a variety of temperature and irradiance conditions, and the self-cleaning anti-reflective coated glass reduces soiling to help maximize power output. Performance is backed by the manufacture’s 25-year linear production warranty.


Extra safety against running dry with the suction port above pump axis.

Robust single-piece barrel casing.

Compact single-piece lantern bracket and base.

Low noise with the water-filled shroud around the stages.


 SUN-DRIVE I - Off Grid Solar Pump Controller

  • Run single phase AC motor off of Solar PV without batteries.
  • Run single/three phase AC motor with same size Solar PV as Brushless DC motors.
  • Small size fully enclosed unit with passive design – no moving parts
  • Works with or without battery bank.
  • WiFi, Cellular and LoRa communication modules are optional.
  • Operating status conditions indicated by multicolor LEDs.
  • Soft-start feature to increase pump and system life.


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